Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory

It was established by Tekirdağ Municipality in the 2009-2010 academic year, and with the establishment of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, the central district was transferred to Süleymanpaşa Municipality in 2014. 

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory will set an example in the national and international arena with a system that is suitable for the level of contemporary music education and training, has a wide foresight, faces the world outside of its field of expertise, contributes to the culture of its geography, is masterful in its performance, and uses scientific education and training methods. It was established with the aim of educating well-equipped artists, music scientists, producer designers and creating employment areas, and has brought new students to the leading conservatories of the country, which has given 248 graduates to date, to fine arts high schools.Violins and Classical Kemençes made in the instrument making workshop of our school received full marks from many virologists of the country and crowned this success with the "Music Technologies Instrument Museum", which it established within its body and which is the only one among the municipal conservatories.

In the 2019-2020 academic years, by signing a joint protocol with the cooperation of Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University - NAKSEM and Turkish Music State Conservatory, the graduation certificates of the students were provided under the supervision and guarantee of our university.

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory provides education in the departments listed below within our Directorate of Youth and Sports Services, and admits students through the talent exams held in September every year.

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory Departments;

  • Music Department
  • Voice Training Program 
  • Turkish Classical Music Sound Education Department
  • Turkish Folk Music Voice Education Department
  • Instrument Training Program 
  • Clarinet Department
  • Law Department
  • Binding Section
  • Oud Section
  • Violin Section
  • Piano Department
  • Guitar Section
  • Cello Section
  • Dance Department 
  • Folk Dance Education Program
  • Ballet Training Program 
  • Department of Music Technologies
  • Instrument Making and Repair Department
  • Theater Department




 At Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory Theater Department;

In our Süleymanpaşa Municipal Conservatory Theater department, our actor candidates of all ages receive training from our experienced actor trainers, including basic training in theatre, diction, body language, posture on the stage, improvisation, memorization of texts and role-playing.  

 Our aim is

To raise contemporary and enlightened individuals who can produce original works at a universal level,

To raise individuals who aim to perform on world stages, like the masters they take lessons...

In the Theater Department Aptitude Exam; 

A piece/scene from a domestic and foreign work that he has prepared in advance is requested from the candidate. 

The candidate is asked to read a poem.

Candidates' musical ear proficiency is evaluated.

In addition, questions are asked in the field of general culture.

Here is the candidate; ability to play, interpretation, ability to use body and body language, emphasis and intonation, and ability to use Turkish correctly are evaluated.

Suleymanpasa Municipality
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