The economy of this village, which is 27 km away from Tekirdağ central district Süleymanpaşa, is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. There is no primary school in the village. School-age children either go to the surrounding villages or are registered in the central neighborhood schools. The village has a drinking water network and a sewerage network. There is no PTT agency and health center. The road that provides access to the village is asphalt and there is electricity and landline in the village. The population of 2019 is 144 people. Considering the population numbers by years, it can be said that the village has migrated to the center of the city. In the 2019 local elections, Nevzat Temizel was elected as headman of the neighborhood. The population of the neighborhood is 34.114.

Suleymanpasa Municipality
Ortacami Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:14
Süleymanpaşa / TEKİRDAĞ
0 (282) 259 59 59