It is said that there were iron mines on the outskirts of Beşiktepe during the Ottoman period and the name of the village came from there. It is also known that Syrian Turkmen were settled in the region after the Ottomans passed to Rumelia.     It is 22 km away from Süleymanpaşa. The economy of the village is based on agriculture and husbandry. In the village, there is no primary school. The village has both drinking water and sewage mains network. There is no post office and a health center. The road that provides access to the village is asphalt and there is electricity and fixed telephone in the village. The population of 2019 is 130.

Suleymanpasa Municipality
Ortacami Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:14
Süleymanpaşa / TEKİRDAĞ
0 (282) 259 59 59