A rumor about the name of the village is as follows. In ancient times, a person selling chintz came to the village, and those who did this work were called Bezirganci. He stayed in the village over time. It is said that the name of the village remained Karabezirgan, because he was a dark-skinned person.

Another rumor is as follows. Kadı Mehmet Efendi, who currently has a historical fountain under the big plane tree on the north side of Tekirdağ municipality, buys the Poyraz farm in the mulberry barley area of ​​the village, in order to live a quiet life after getting tired of the ships. But the local people call it Karabezirgan's farm, and the name stays that way. After the farm suffered six fires, it was interpreted as an unlucky one and was built by Mehmet Efendi's son, Hasan Efendi, at its current location. Hasan Efendi's sons are Ethem and Hüsnü Ağa. In other words, the current Akbulut dynasty comes from there. In 1934, an immigrant neighborhood was formed by immigrating from the village of Hacıvaklar in the province of Silistra in Romania with a large ship departing from the port of Constanta, first to Tekirdağ and then to the village of Karabezirgan. Thus, the village has two quarters, the local quarter and the immigrant quarter. The deceased Mustafa Anık, who came to the village as immigrants for the first religious services after 1934, and after him, his son Ahmet Anık, had served the people of the village for 30 years. It is 26 km away from Süleymanpaşa. The economy of the village is based on agriculture and husbandry.  In the village, sunflower, wheat, canola and partially beet are grown. In terms of livestock, income is obtained by obtaining milk and meat from cattle and small cattle breeding. There is a primary school in the village but it is not used. The village has drinking water network, but there is no sewerage system. There is no PTT agency and a health centers. The road that provides access to the village is asphalt and there is electricity and fixed telephone in the village. The population of 2019 is 123. 

Suleymanpasa Municipality
Ortacami Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:14
Süleymanpaşa / TEKİRDAĞ
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