The distance to Süleymanpaşa is 38 km. After İnecik, after passing Karaçalı village on the road to Şarköy, 2 km before Araphacı village, it can be reached by turning left from Taşköprü locality, but it is also possible to reach from Süleymanpaşa-Barbaros-Naip-Işıklar-Oruçbeyli route. It is surrounded by Ganos Mountain in the south, Yeniceköy in the west, Işıklar and Oruçbeyli villages in the east, and Araphacı and Oğuzlu villages in the north.

Although the history of the village goes back to very old years, it is not known exactly when it was founded. The local Orthodox Greek population of the village immigrated to Greece in the early 1920s and was replaced by immigrants from Thessaloniki. As of the 1930s, the Turks who emigrated from Romania were also included in the village population. With the industrialization that has developed in Turkey since the 1950s, a significant part of the villagers migrated to the central district of Tekirdağ and to the surrounding cities such as Istanbul and Izmit. A significant amount of workforce also works abroad, especially in Germany. Although there were many examples of ancient Greek works (monasteries, examples of civil architecture) in the past years, very few of them have survived over time. As of today, the main livelihoods are agriculture (wheat, sunflower, onion, viticulture) and livestock.

There is a widespread rumor that the name of the village comes from the name "Simitli", based on the ovens that existed in the village during the Greeks and where the breads called "Simit" were baked in the region. As a matter of fact, the name of the village is referred to as "Simitlé" in some Western sources describing the Greek history.

There is a primary school in the village, but besides it cannot be used, transported education is used. The village has drinking water and sewerage network. There is no PTT branch or PTT agency. There are health centers, but there is no medical home. The road that provides access to the village is asphalt and there is electricity and fixed telephone in the village. There is also a fixed telephone base station and electricity and road lighting in the village. Most of the roads in the village consist of cobblestones.

The population of 2019 is 266 people.

Suleymanpasa Municipality
Ortacami Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:14
Süleymanpaşa / TEKİRDAĞ
0 (282) 259 59 59