Yoruks who gathered from Anatolia during the migration to Rumelia are divided into two branches in Thrace, namely Tekirdağ, as Yörük and Yuva. When Yıva was a farm in the past, it turned into a village with the immigrants who migrated from Western Thrace and took the name Yuva. According to a rumor, the farm burned down and there is no remnant of the original village founders. According to another rumor, Hizir Aleyhisselam disguised himself as a beggar and came to the village. He asked for blessings from every door. However, the village residents of that time did not want the beggar. The beggar sighed and prayed that "your village should not exceed 20 households". The truth is that for many years the village has not exceeded 20 households. While the village used to be a part of Malkara, it became the village of Süleymanpaşa. It is 36 km away from Süleymanpaşa. The economy of the village is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. There is also beekeeping. In the village, there is no primary school and bussed education is used. The village has drinking water network, but there is no sewerage system. There is no PTT branch or PTT agency. There is no health centers and health posts. The road that provides access to the village is asphalt and there is electricity and fixed telephone in the village. The population of 2019 is 64 people. After Tekirdağ gained the metropolitan status on December 6, 2012, all villages turned into neighborhoods.

Suleymanpasa Municipality
Ortacami Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:14
Süleymanpaşa / TEKİRDAĞ
0 (282) 259 59 59