Services for our Elderly Citizens


Yaşlı Bakım Hizmetleri


Our team aims to provide needs of our citizens, to care our disabled, elderly and individuals who are left alone in the social area at their homes.

Within Home Care and Cleaning Services, cleaning of the house with a vacuum cleaner, helping people to take a bath, toilet and bathroom cleaning, wiping the windows and doors, and personal care services are provided to our citizens with disabilities, the elderly and those who have been left alone.

Between 1 April 2019 and 31 December 2019, a total of 1080 citizens benefited from home care and cleaning services.

Activity Center for Elderly

Elderly Life and Activity Center where takes place in Altınova, helps elderly people over the age of 65 to spend time with their peers during the day, engage in social activities, develop their hobbies and acquire new hobbies.

Elderly Activity Center, where the elderly have conversations with the experts of the subject on certain days of the week and perform such activities, is also with the elderly by providing nurse and doctor services on certain days.

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