Süleymanpaşa Kids Club

Our Süleymanpaşa Municipality Kids Club, which is within the body of the Youth and Sports Services Directorate of our Municipality, provides services in line with the interests, wishes and needs of our children in the age group of 3-13 in our district, apart from official education activities and to support these activities. These; various festivals, competitions, summer and winter courses, theatres, seminars and workshop-activities and similar activities. With these activities, our children learn by having fun and gain basic skills such as visual perception, logic development, making use of clues, quick decision making and probability calculation with mind and intelligence games.

In addition, counseling services that support the psychological development of families and children are provided in the Child Mental Health Unit .

With the Children's Club Council , which is within its structure and which is elected every year , it is aimed that the children living in our district express their problems and demands and take an active role in solving the problems related to the city they live in. Our children's club council deals with the problems of Süleymanpaşa with its commissions, researches solutions and presents the results to the Mayor's Office.

Kids Club Assembly Committees:

  • Child Rights and Issues Commission
  • Disabled Children Commission
  • Health and Life Commission
  • Environmental Commission
  • Sports Commission
  • Traffic Commission
  • Culture and Travel Commission
  • Animal Love and Protection Commission
Suleymanpasa Municipality
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Süleymanpaşa / TEKİRDAĞ
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