Public Assistance Services

Sıcak Yemek Yardımı

 Food AID

With the first lights of the day, our food support team starts to prepar food  in the Süleymanpaşa Municipality Kitchen, and visits homes of our sick, elderly, disabled and needy citizens in the afternoon, gives hope to those in need and who do not have the opportunity to cook hot meals at home.

After the taste tests in the kitchen, the meals placed in the serviettes are delivered to 1302 people every day.


Suleymanpasa Municipality, which follows the principle of being with our citizens not only in good times but also in difficult times, visits families for condolence and offers pilav and ayran.

Gönül Sofraları- Gatherings for Iftar


As part of the “Gönül Sofraları”, which is set up in a separate neighborhood every day during the Ramadan, approximately 50,000 meet with our citizens.

At the "Gönül Sofraları", where all are provided by Süleymanpaşa Municipality, people of all ages experience iftar all together.

Sahur Events

In addition to the Gönül Sofraları organization held during the Ramadan, we continue to be with our citizens with sahur programs.

We set our table and share it with our citizens as part of the sahur programs held every night in different neighborhoods, especially rural ones.

İkram Çeşmesi

Mobile Caterings

During the winter, our mobile caterings, which are prepared in Süleymanpaşa Municipality Kitchen and serve hot soup to our citizens at 3 different points between 06:30 and 10:00 in the morning, spread all over the city with Catering Areas and Mobile Catering.

During summer, the catering areas conquer the hearts by offering cold water against the hot weather.


 Kandil Simidi Preparations

Süleymanpaşa Municipality prepares and distributes kandil simidi as well as many services that conquer hearts of our citizens on all blessed days and nights. In addition to many different points, teams go from street to street and offer kandil simidi to our citizens.

 Ashura Days

With the coming of Muharram, the ashura, which is the symbol of unity, solidarity, brotherhood, sharing, solidarity and abundance, is prepared by Süleymanpaşa Municipality and is shared with our citizens.

Clothes Shop

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Clothing Store, where our citizens deliver their unused clothes, offers clothes for people in need and the shop washes, irons and prepares undamaged wearable clothes. There is almost everything from children's clothes to wedding dresses, from suits to baby clothes at the Süleymanpaşa Municipality Clothing Store, which 3050 citizens benefit from between April 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Soldier Package 

Asker Uğurlama Paketi

Soldier package is prepared to provide everything that our young brothers will need during their military service.

It includes an athlete, underwear, socks, shoe polish and shoe brush, dirty and clean laundry bag, laundry nets, towels, soap dish, shaving kit with bag, nail clippers, neck wallet with string, lock, safety pin, sewing kit, hanger and bag. With the soldier package, our military candidates are sent to their troops with a smiling face.



Kimsesizler Evi

 House Service for the People in Need

The House service for the people who have no one to help and to take care of them has air conditioning, toilet and bathroom in order to provide the shelter needs of our homeless citizens during the winter months, and is placed in the Garden of the State Hospital in order to immediately intervene in a possible health problem and this service stands by our citizens living on the street in difficult times.

Süleymanpaşa Municipality attempts to socialize our homeless citizens and also regularly carries out health checks of citizens and prevents possible health problems.


The stationery aid is prepared for the children of families in need. The stationery aid package, which is prepared for our students who will start school and which includes all the stationery products they will need during the academic year, puts a smile on the faces of the students and is with them in their education life.

Circumcision Feast

With the Circumcision Feast, which is organized for the children of families who have not been circumcised and who have difficulties in wedding expenses, both the circumcision process and the wedding of our children are held in a festive atmosphere.

We are living an unforgettable day together, touching the hearts of our little ones and our families, at the feast all the possibilities of Süleymanpaşa Municipality are mobilized.


A certain amount of money is regularly deposited into Imece Cards every month in order to provide the basic needs of our citizens. Imece card is created for our citizens who have no income and determined by the Süleymanpaşa Municipality in cooperation with our governorship, district governorship and mukhtars.

With the money loaded on Imece Cards, our citizens in need can do their shopping as they wish from our contracted local shops.

233 citizens benefit from the project regularly every month.


We are the first hand extended in Süleymanpaşa by intervening immediately to our citizens who have suffered material and moral damage from natural disasters such as fire, flood, storm and tornado.

Süleymanpaşa Municipality, which offers many services such as temporary accommodation, food aid, furniture support, and cash aid to our citizens who are faced with disasters, continues to serve as the leading municipality in its field.

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