Veterinary Services

Sokak Hayvanları Geçici Bakımevi


Süleymanpaşa Municipality Stray Animals Temporary Nursing Home helps neutering, vaccinating, tagging, treating stray animals, eliminating the diseases of those with scabies, and takes illegal breed dogs with a report by the personnel of the Forestry Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Briefly, our nursing home provides the services of nursing and taking care of them.

Between April 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019, 2946 stray animals received service from Süleymanpaşa Municipality Stray Animals Temporary Nursing Home.

Again, in the same dates, a total of 1834 stray animals that were sick, had a traffic accident or were demanded to be caught as a judicial case were treated and brought back to life.



These are devices that are installed at 4 different points for our animal friends and provide free cat and dog food and water by throwing pet bottles into the devices.

Mamatiks which are regularly maintained by the teams of Süleymanpaşa Municipality, provide active service.

 CAT Houses

These are the houses that built by Süleymanpaşa Municipality for cats living on the street with the demands of our citizens, and the number of them reaches 70, and are placed in places where cats live intensely.

Cat houses are also used as feeding points and are constantly supplemented with food by Süleymanpaşa Municipality.

WATER Suppliers

Water containers were placed at 700 different points by Süleymanpaşa Municipality so that our street animals do not become dehydrated. The water suppliers, which are regularly maintained and repaired, are also cleaned by the teams of Süleymanpaşa Municipality.



 Feeding POINTS

In addition to current feeding points such as cat houses and water suppliers, food points are available at dozens of points inside and outside of the city in adverse weather conditions, aiming to prevent our animal friends from being harmed, so that the natural life continues.


In order to instill love for animals at a young age, such visits are organized in cooperation with our schools, especially for primary and secondary school children.

In addition to informing about the nursing home during the visits, it is aimed to endear and adopt stray animals.


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