Botanical Tourism

"Looking at flowers relaxes me. They have neither feelings nor conflicts within themselves."

Botanical Tourism is named as it is because plants which are invisible in nature as much as we do, but that have an important contribution to the continuation of our lives. The realization of plant science as a touristic activity can be called botanical tourism.

Botanical tourism includes all activities, starting with day trips, nature walks and picnics, getting to know nature, examining the plants you see, and adding a plant from nature to your own life by blending into the green. Botanical tourism has a special importance for the discovery and protection of natural environments and for leaving a rich biodiversity heritage and a livable environment to future generations.

The fact that Turkey is at the intersection of different climatic zones increased its plant richness. There are a total of 12006 plant taxa in our country, 3778 of which are endemic. This value is very close to the wealth of the entire European continent. For this reason, Turkey attracts the attention of European tourists in terms of botanical tourism. Süleymanpaşa district is one of the districts with the richest natural vegetation in Turkey. If you want to witness this colorful and colorful natural revel and immortalize it with your photos, we are pleased to welcome nature lovers in our district.

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