Muster Points


Disaster and Emergency Assembly Areas; These are safe areas where the public can gather away from the dangerous area in order to prevent panic and ensure healthy information exchange during the time that will pass until the temporary shelter centers are ready after disasters and emergencies. In other words, these areas are chosen for citizens to gather quickly and wait for a while. AFAD states that assembly areas are determined according to 7 criteria and lists these criteria as follows:

  • Population density in the region
  • Ease of access and evacuation of the area
  • The area should be suitable for the transportation of the disabled and the elderly as much as possible,
  • Distance from secondary hazards
  • To be located on flat, flat lands as much as possible
  • Being close to residential areas but not affected by structural and non-structural elements
  • Being close to buildings where basic needs such as electricity, water, toilets and similar items can be met.

AFAD explains how the assembly areas are determined with the words: "The importance of each criterion is predominantly calculated and it is determined whether that place can be a assembly area according to the fulfillment of the criteria." In all provinces, municipalities determine and control assembly areas in accordance with seven criteria. These areas are specified in the Provincial Disaster Response Plan of 81 provinces within the scope of the Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP). Previously, citizens who wanted to learn about the assembly area close to them applied to institutions. With AFAD moving disaster and emergency assembly areas to E-Government, citizens can access this information instantly.

As Süleymanpaşa Municipality, we set our target as 'to ensure the safety of our citizens by increasing the number of areas away from structural hazards and risks that they will temporarily replace in the first hours of the disaster'. There are 45 meeting areas in our district, Süleymanpaşa. We continue to work to bring this number to the highest level and to the best conditions.

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