Winter Schools


Our winter schools, which are under the Youth and Sports Services Directorate of our Municipality, operate throughout the school term and meet our children free of charge, allowing them to develop themselves and discover their talents outside of school.

Our winter courses, which children between the ages of 8 and 14 benefits from, serve between September and May, and applications are received online from our website. Our courses are held in the classrooms of the Ahmet Aygün Youth Center in 100.Yıl   Neighborhood.

Our Winter School branches

  • Piano                       
  • Violin                                  
  • Football            
  • Basketball                             
  • Volleyball                               
  • Archery                                 
  • Folk dances             
  • Tennis             
  • Karate                       
  • taekwondo               
  • Ballroom dances                      
  • underwater sports                      
  • Guitar              
  • application theater                 
  • Intelligence games            
  • Wrestle
  • Picture


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